Recruitment Services

We offer the best hiring services for your recruitment needs. One-stop solution for all types of recruitment needs. Our consultative and collaborative approach to executive talent acquisition ensures that we produce best-in-class candidates. Our team is dedicated to meeting customer demands, including associates, CEO, and board-level appointments. Our seasoned consultants collaborate closely with our clients to produce a thorough analysis of the job and the firm.
Our high level of integrity, transparency, service quality, devotion, dedication, and value for money all lead to its success.

What We Offer

Permanent Hiring

Permanent hiring is the process of recruiting someone to work as a full-time employee for an indeterminate amount of time. Temporary workers, on the other hand, are hired for a shorter length of time.

Alven Technologies can provide you with fully screened and industry-specific qualified resources. This technique essentially works to ensure that the environment produces the top candidates from each domain/industry. Not only does it come with a strong understanding of technologies, but it also plays an important role in identifying appropriate talent, gaining interest in job profiles as well as specific organisations. We make every effort to provide the top candidates at any level from all over the world.

RPO Services

RPO services are a type of outsourcing that focuses on providing strategic, operational, and/or administrative responsibilities to clients. A third party can handle it more cost-effectively.

Alven Technologies functions as an extension of a company’s human resources or resourcing department. It actually delivers a cost-effective recruiting alternative. We, the company, bring all of the necessary supporting abilities, terminology, and techniques, as well as IT resources, to complete our client’s requirements.

  • We take complete control of the recruitment process.
  • The time it takes to hire someone is significantly reduced.
  • We can help you identify superior prospects with our established network and fine-tuned recruiting procedures.
  • When it comes to hiring staff for your specific needs, flexibility is crucial.
  • We assist you in reducing the pressure or weight of scheduling all of your internal recruitment events.

Contract Staffing

What’s more? Alven technologies are the best in this area. It informs clients about the resources available to them, which are based on their needs and are available for a limited time. Not only that, but by acting as a bridge, we may look into rather managing any form of administrative activity. We ensure and make every effort to provide complete compliance with all statutory regulations in the market. We make every effort to do it within the allotted time.

Leadership Hiring

People with various levels of titles may be hired by the company, all of them play a vital part in leadership and management abilities. From lower-level supervisors to executives and directors, these people can be found.

Following that, Alven Technologies has the best organisation when it comes to managing Leadership resources. It functions as a purposeful or deliberate step to place them in the appropriate industry and backdrop.

We were able to contact resources in any demographic and find candidates thanks to our extensive market network and outstanding engagement capabilities. These are the most qualified and acceptable candidates for leadership positions.

How we work?

Step 1: Introductory Call: Free consultation

Tell us what you specifically need along with the budget, specific targets and breakdowns. If you aren’t sure where to start or whether you need it, we got you. Let’s catch up and lay out what your business needs.

Step 2: Quotation

We provide a breakdown based on your request as well as our best recommendation. Once you take a look and finalise the most viable and budget-friendly plan we move on to the next stage.

Step 3: Final Plan, Invoice and Payment

We re-confirm the final plan and send you the invoice. While you securely proceed with the payment process, we send your free SEO and analysis report.

Step 4: Free SEO report

Your Free SEO and analysis report will consist of a premium tools breakdown of your current status, google analytics study, keyword focus and display how it ties into your chosen strategy.

Step 5: Monday Progress Reports

Now the project officially begins. We send a mandatory SEO and analysis report to show you weekly progress. You can request this report any day and any time (working hours and days). If you would like a report every day we will gladly provide it. Feel free to ask for a progress report at any reasonable time and day.