The tradition of spring branding

Spring is traditionally a time for rebirth, renewal and optimism. Since the beginning of time, people have been waiting for the season’s arrival with much excitement and anticipation. In ancient times people believed that spring started with Spring Equinox. As soon as this happened, people worldwide set to work on one of civilization’s most significant yet inherently simple traditions: spring branding. During the spring months, people of all ages would join together, putting their skills to work on a common goal: producing new and pure individuals who would bring good luck throughout the rest of the year. At first, it was seen as a women’s task so that they would take care of all aspects of character shaping and personality building.

What is spring branding?

Spring branding is a marketing technique that uses the spring season to engage consumers and target desired demographics. Marketing tactics are usually associated with flowers and include TV, print, social media campaigns, website banners, radio, and outdoor advertising.

Spring branding is a year-round company strategy that helps companies reach their targeted audience and increase sales during retailers’ busiest times. Planting these seeds early in the fall gives your company a head start over other businesses that may not be taking advantage of this opportunity until winter begins to dominate.

The tradition of spring branding:

Over the centuries, people began to move from rural areas to urban. As the number of farms and ranching businesses diminished, the tradition of branding shifted from a time-consuming act essential for survival to a more lighthearted one reserved for special occasions.

The spring branding ritual has evolved into a social gathering that includes parties, barbecues and other events. Yet, at its core, it remains as true as ever: an opportunity for women and men to come together with their families, friends and communities for a common cause, celebrating their heritage and the universal human need to nurture and grow.

The method of spring branding:

Each participant must display their brand mark to signify the rebirth of life and new beginnings. They must stand proud and look forward to the new year with hope.

First, a fire is lit in the centre of a large circle drawn on the ground. The marksman aims his rifle at a bulls-eye lantern nailed to a tree. He then fires an arrow straight upward at the top of the lantern and releases another arrow across it to create two vertical lines. In this way, two intersecting arrows are shot through each other, signifying that all conflicts have ended and everything will start over again in a new way. Next, the marksman shoots a horizontal line through another bulls-eye lantern. This line represents family ties, while the vertical one represents lineage. On either side of the horizontal line, he shoots a cross representing friendship, good wishes for everyone to come in peace, and an arrow for unique solutions. The marksman then releases an arrow that cuts across all three lines, which signifies that he will reunite families during hard times (in some cultures, this symbolizes how two half-siblings may never meet due to bad experiences at their respective parent’s hands). 

On either side of the cross, he shoots points for health, love and happiness in life. He then releases an arrow across those four points to signify everlasting hope. 

Finally, the marksman aims his rifle at a target above the lantern and releases a third arrow that cuts across two of its vertical lines. The last two arrows are aimed at the top bulls-eye to signify rebirth and new beginnings.

After the marksman ended his shooting, everyone in attendance casts their brand mark on themselves by stamping it with fire or carving it into their skin. 

Those gifted with good fortune are expected to share this good fortune with their community through service, sharing and acts of kindness. Those who do not contain their good fortune will use this for themselves when needed.

Thus ends the tradition of spring branding.

  • In ancient times, the symbol of spring was a promise that life would begin anew after death. Indeed, the very moment when spring arrived was when newly born babies would emerge from their mother’s wombs, and fresh green plants would appear all around. The first cattle who braved the spring temperatures and came out to graze were a good omen, as they had defeated death to return. Similarly, people used to believe that they had beaten death and could once again rejoice in life if they managed to go through the coldest days of winter without dying inside their own homes.
  • It is interesting to note that the symbol of spring has changed over time, but its original meaning has remained intact. Spring is a time for renewal and rebirth when the winter cold has been defeated, and it is safe to come out into nature again.
  • In ancient times people believed that spring started with the coming of Spring Equinox. As soon as this happened, people worldwide set to work on one of civilization’s most significant yet inherently simple traditions: spring branding. This practice was a way that people could assist in creating new pure individuals who would bring good luck throughout the rest of the year.


A Brand is a set of intangible attributes created and given to a product, service or business to drive its perception. One of the key elements in giving a brand its identity is tradition. Tradition establishes the heritage or roots of an organization, its behavioural norms and values. It provides strategic points for an organization to remember its past, recover from setbacks and look forward with enthusiasm to doing something great again. This particular post describes The tradition of spring branding in detail. Also, read our articles on:

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