Do you know about Branding Marijuana?

Many people unfamiliar with marijuana-specific branding are surprised to learn that marijuana is not a commodity. Cannabis production and marketing have become as complex as the wines of Bordeaux or the whisky of Scotland. People are starting to recognize this emerging market and capitalize on it. From vape cartridges, edibles, and concentrates to cannabidiol (CBD) pills and topical creams, dispensaries offer a wide range of products for customers to choose from.

Branding Marijuana:

In the same way that many products and brands can distinguish themselves in the marketplace with their unique designs, the marijuana industry is no different.

There are two main types of marketing for marijuana producers: curative branding and recreational branding.

Curing branding is a form of free advertising where a corporation or business creates a logo, slogan, or name that meshes well with its product or service.

Recreational branding is called lifestyle branding and portrays an image for customers that may not necessarily be related to the product sold. The goal of this marketing is to link products to something related to cannabis, according to Justin Barthwell of Arizona Dispensary Consulting. These two forms of marketing aim to differentiate a business in the marketplace and articulate an image. For example, a cannabis dispensary may want its customers to think of it as a place for people to go for relaxation; using this branding will allow them to create an image for themselves.

Marijuana brands are becoming increasingly important because, in over 40 states, marijuana has been decriminalized, which means that people can legally smoke marijuana without being a criminal offence. As legalization continues, the industry is expected to increase with new products being developed and more customers coming into the market.

Many businesses are choosing to incorporate marijuana branding into their advertising. While many people associate marijuana with the hippy culture, marijuana brands and marketing are becoming more sophisticated each year.

Marijuana branding implies that a business has made an image for itself that is consistent with the message it is trying to send. As more companies take advantage of this marketing strategy, the stigma surrounding cannabis and its products will continue to decrease. Calvin Tobias and Justin Barthwell are two marketing professionals who have taught people about branding for over 20 years and know how important it is to market a product or service effectively.

How to Brand Marijuana?

Dare we say it? You bet. We are here to help you in the aspect of branding. Here are some tips that every brand needs in mind when developing its brand and marketing strategy. By following these tips, you can have a successful branding strategy, no matter your product.

1. Develop Your Unique Product or Service and Communicate it through a Brand (Hint: Build your “brand” from scratch, not from an existing one. )

2. Establish your Brand Identity by knowing the “Who”, “What”, “Why”, and the “How” of your brand.

3. Make sure you have a well-defined premium quality product or service that differentiates itself from its competitors – The USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

4. Develop a Strong, Memorable and Innovative name for your brand.

5. Create a distinct logo/ symbol for your brand.

6. Create eye-catchy packaging to represent your brand identity.

7. Build Brand Awareness.

8. Build Brand Value.

9. Build Brand Loyalty.

10. Brand Promotion.

Why Is Marijuana Branding Important?

Regarding marijuana and branding, businesses cannot just create a brand from thin air, and that is because the marijuana industry is still in its baby stages. To succeed in branding, you must consider your audience and what you want to communicate with your brand. Many companies do not even know how to start their branding efforts, and it works without the help of professionals due to the complicated nature of cannabis marketing. Businesses working in this industry can create valuable names for themselves by focusing on their target audience and creating a brand that makes sense for them.

People who are working in the marijuana industry face a lot of challenges when it comes to branding. That is because it is illegal in so many states. Many businesses need to be very careful in the way they market their products and are required to keep all branding efforts low-key. Marijuana businesses cannot just put up signs or start sending out billboard advertisements and newspaper ads with their marketing strategy. According to Justin Barthwell of Arizona Dispensary Consulting, the product and its related marketing must be private and confidential. Only when marijuana-related law becomes more relaxed will these businesses be able to market their brands and products like any other business freely.

Marijuana marketing is a very tricky thing to do. Unless you are in this industry, it can be hard to know what exactly to do with your marijuana branding efforts. The key here is to understand your audience and how your product or service will benefit them, allowing you to make marketing decisions for your brand.

According to Justin Barthwell of Arizona Dispensary Consulting, one of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to their marijuana branding efforts is they forget that they are not the only business in their industry. With all their competition, they do not spend enough time thinking about how their product and service will benefit their customers. They assume that everyone will buy marijuana products out of convenience or to get high, but this is not what most consumers want.


For marijuana-related marketing to be successful, it needs to communicate with the customer in a way that they can see what benefits they are getting from purchasing your product or service. It should allow them to form an image of your branding and how your product works, whether by educating them on marijuana as a medicine or showing them how it can help relieve pain when undergoing chemo treatments. This particular post describes the same. Also, read our articles on:

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